The theme behind the three rings I have produced derives from the five ancient Greek elements: earth, air, water, fire and spirit. Each element has a corresponding geometric shape: earth — cube, fire — tetrahedron, water — icosahedron, air — octahedron, spirit — dodecahedron. For my three rings I chose to work with earth, fire and water.

Not only did I want to work with the element’s corresponding shapes, but I also wanted to incorporate the tangible quality of each element through coloration of the metal. For the earth ring, the coloring of the cubes with the liver of sulfur is representative of raw materials like gold and coal. I chose to leave the heat patina on the fire ring since it is evocative of the element that was used to create it. Furthermore, I chose to polish the cuts representative of the tetrahedron since fire is brightest when it is hottest. The vinegar and salt patina on the water ring is suggestive of either water itself or the algae that co-exists. Lastly, the interspersed polishing on the water ring is reminiscent of water’s reflective quality as it ripples.

The rings both abstractly represent their respective elements through the incorporation of their associated geometric shape in the case of the earth and fire ring, as well as evoking the essence of each through the coloration of the metal across all three.